14 December 2015

Language students

I asked Elder Lundy about the Language students he got to listen to last week.

Yeah they got to choose their own topics. One was about his vacation to Italy, another's was about the movie industry, and the third was about Selena Gomez ha ha.
The baptisms went well! V..... was baptized on Saturday. He had most of his family there and his girlfriend too. And most of the people he's interacted with during church meetings were there as well. The only little hiccup so to speak is that the font was filled to overflowing so when he went down in the water people had to evacuate the splash zone haha. H..... was baptized on Sunday by the Bishop. Bishop had a little trouble getting him out of the water because H's a considerably hefty fellow. When H's youngest son understood the difficulty he broke out laughing. His mom and older brother told him to stop laughing and his response was, "Why? He's my dad! I can laugh if I want!" Oh that boy... haha. And ward 2 had a baptism as well... but it was me who baptized her! F, M's younger sister, asked if I would baptize her when M. Pereira asked her after her baptismal interview. I was surprised but honored, and the baptism happened without any mistakes! Yay! 
Oh and Sunday, after all the baptisms, a big group of us rushed to the house of the Bishop's in-laws and we had a big barbeque party.

I heard from our Bishop of a custom in Brazil so I asked Elder Lundy if they do that custom where he is too...

Bishop's right. We wait outside the gate and clap. If they don't hear the clapping we knock on something or ring something or call their phones. Pretty much every household here has a locked gate so we couldn't get close enough to knock on their doors anyway.

1. Have you heard from President Silcox? Do you know if you are staying or being transferred?

I've actually talked with the president a lot this week (I'll explain at the end) and all four of us in this area are staying here until at least February when the next transfers happen.

2 . Will you still be able to email us next Monday even though we are getting to talk to you on Christmas?   I'm pretty sure I'll still be emailing you on Monday.

3. I wish we could send you a box of things for Christmas. If one of the USA elders gets a box please ask him how his parents did it. Then maybe we can send one for your birthday. And Yes we've been buying the DVDs for your Christmas present. ;) Pretend that you don't know you are getting them when you return from your mission. lol 

haha alrighty

So I've probably lost a little more weight but I haven't had the chance to weigh myself yet.
So I've more or less gotten over my cold, but I'd rather deal with that than with what I delt with this past week and am still dealing with. I woke up Wednesday morning feeling dizzy. The world was spinning while I sat still, I almost fell if I tried to walk anywhere, etc... Later that night we went to the church for a welcome home party for a returning Elder from the ward. Once the eating part of the party began, I rushed to the bathroom and threw up rather extremely. I got a blessing from my companion and the ward mission leader Yuri. Then Yuri took us back to the casa. Thursday I woke up dizzy, tried drinking some water (taking little sips) and threw that up. Then the comp gave me a glass of water with some powder in it that was supposed to help with intestinal regulation. I threw that up. Then he gave me a glass of water with sugar and salt (I think) and surprise surprise, I threw that up too. (this is where all the talking with the president started) A little while later, I got ready to go to the hospital. I showered... then threw up in the middle of getting dressed. Then I sat in a chair in a room in the hospital for about 4 hours hooked up to an IV and was prescribed some intestinal regulating medicine because I had gotten an intestinal virus. I haven't thrown up since but I'm still working with the dizziness a little. On Friday, the other 3 Elders went to the Capitol for the mission Christmas party and I stayed in the Miranda family household. They Miranda family is wonderful. The parents are the only ones who live there now, their oldest lives in Campinas, their 2nd lives close and is married to our ward mission leader, and their youngest will be returning from his mission in February. They took really good care of me. I got to sleep, then Sister Miranda made a chicken and rice soup for me for lunch and dinner, and Brother Miranda and I watched Meet the Mormons and a bunch of church related music videos and such.
I think that's all...
I love you a lot and I'm really grateful for everything you've done for me. I'm really excited to talk with you one Christmas.

Oh, and incoming pictures!

Pictures from the Baptisms!


Campos do Jordoa

Campos do Jordoa

Elder Lundy had a visit to the Hospital

What's left of his shoes

Elder Lundy's Christmas tree

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