30 May 2017

Happy Birthday Son!

Elder Lundy's the baby of the family :)

Thanks! :) (It's Elder Lundy's 22nd Birthday today!)
I'm getting old :P
My week was pretty good. The baptismal interview went well but it ended up being on Tuesday instead of Friday.

R. wasn't baptized because he still hasn't given up coffee... Our ward mission leader bought us cevada (Mormon coffee) to give to him to see if it helps.
(Cevada - A roasted grain beverage (also grain coffee) is a hot beverage made from one or more cereal grains roasted and commercially processed into crystal or powder form to be reconstituted later in hot water. The product is often marketed as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee and tea.)

Speaking of exercise, I had the goal to be able to do my work out plan within 10 minutes by the end of the transfer, and I already managed in 9! I also managed to do double my workout plan Saturday night (to make up for not doing it the following Sunday) and it took me 33 minutes, including a bit of rest time to not hurt myself.

I enjoyed the temple trip. I got to see a bunch of my friends from another zone. Sadly my stomach didn't let me focus too well while I was in the temple. Stomach problems stink :(

Zone conference went well too. During the lunch break some of the other missionaries had a small birthday surprise for four of us in the zone who'll be having or had a birthday this transfer.

That sounds frustrating about the baptism situation there (at home). Sadly you're both right. The goal is to baptize the investigator as soon as possible, so the third Sunday is ideal, but you're also correct in that if she can't wait one week she's very likely to end up on the less active list quickly. There are a lot of missionaries though that keep pushing because every week you wait is another week that Satan has to work in the mind of that person... it's a difficult and annoying situation for sure...

I got sick this week too. Saturday night going to Sunday and still to this moment. Just a cold though I think. I don't know if it's because of the flu vaccine, or my being stupid and going out back to check on my clothes in the washing machine after doing my exercises... probably the second because that happened right before I got sick.

Anyways, I love you!!


22 May 2017

This week will be a good one!

That's rough for M... But he can look on the bright side, the repentance process has already started, he's just gotta keep pushing forward. He's helping himself become better, and he has already become a great example for everyone. He's started down one of the most difficult but most fulfilling paths we can take in this life. It's SO much easier to just bury what's in the past instead of digging it up to throw it away once and for all like he's chosen to do. So if you tell him anything from me, let him know that he's getting a 100% sincere and proud "Congratulations and keep up the good work!" from me.

Congrats on the garden and good luck protecting it haha :P (We've got a lot of deer and rabbits around.)

Thanks for getting some of my supplies for school. As for things like bedding and towels I'm just gonna keep using my mission stuffs. I'll gladly accept a pot or two and some utensils. I'll probably end up eating a lot of rice I think.

So this week I had the opportunity to do two baptismal interviews! One for one companionship of sisters and one for our zone leaders. We had a short division where I went to the area of the ZLs and one came to our area. While I did the interview, R... was talking with the elders here and they set his baptismal date for Saturday! Hopefully he was sincere in accepting this time.

This week will be a good one! We're going to the temple Wednesday, zone conference Thursday, one more baptismal interview for the zone leaders Friday, and possibly R...'s interview Friday followed by his baptism Saturday, and confirmation Sunday!

Haha Lundy buff after all :P Oh! so I had the goal to be capable of completing the workout routine in
10 minutes by the end of the transfer... I managed in 9 minutes already at the beginning of the week!!
It took me a whole hour when I started three weeks ago.

That sounds like an awesome eagle scout project. Seriously... 
(One of our young men in our ward restored a run down cemetery.)

That sounds great about the new temple prep class! Hahahaha... if you were to teach the youth "just do it" you'd get numerous Shia LaBeouf references. If you don't know what I'm talking about just look him up quickly on youtube.

Anyways, I love you!!https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

16 May 2017

Mother's Day Skyping

Sorry there isn't a letter to post this week.


He's doing great!

08 May 2017

my new daily fitness plan

I'm excited for the call as well! (We get to Skype for Mother's Day)

People tell me I'm pretty patient and stuff too, but it's that
A) I've learned how to pass large amounts of time without much thought, and
B) I'm similar to you in that I don't just blow up like others :P 

R... still hasn't given up coffee, but our ward mission leader and his wife (who teaches gospel principles) saw this week how close he's coming to baptism and they complimented him and gave him more support and told me that they'd fast specifically to help him with that.

F... We went to her this week and "confronted" her about smoking and yes she felt
ashamed but I believe she'll be alright. I'm just a bit nervous because she missed out on
church this Sunday too but this time her grandson M..., who attended, told us that she
woke up sick :( So first things first, make sure she's getting better, and hope she's not just
faking to not have to go (which is what my comp is thinking) then I'll tell her about grandma
 if she doesn't show signs of being able to give it up.

My week was pretty good. Elder Beatty (from my group that entered the mission) is the
mission secretary and he called Tuesday night to inform me that our flight plans had already
arrived! (But today I already received an email from him saying that Pres. Silcox has extended our missions... by two days... so we're all getting new flight plans. Stay tuned for more info on this point in a week or two...)

We had interviews with the president this week and that went well. I told him about my new
daily fitness plan :3 Last week Carl (Friend from home) reminded me of an anime character
who became the strongest man in the universe by doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats
and running 10k everyday for 3 years (and never used air conditioning) Well the character
also went bald afterwards. So I started doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping-jacks every day (minus Sunday) and a few more random things to fill in the 30 minute time slot for exercises. Not exercising Sunday will keep me from becoming the strongest man in
the universe but I also won't go bald due to the exercises haha. But seriously... I can already
SEE a difference in my muscles! :D

I also realized a little something due to getting fit and healthy while in the mission: Our
spiritual sensitivity is much stronger when we're healthier. (Well duh, the Lord told us that
through the Word of Wisdom... but now I'm actually seeing it in my life.)

Anyways, I love you! 

01 May 2017

Each and every minute of the day...

I'm alright. A bit sore because I overdid it while exercising a couple days ago ha ha.
I don't think R... is really working to prepare to be baptized. But this Saturday the Zone Leaders are going to interview him to help show him that all he has to do is stop drinking coffee and he can be baptized. As for new investigators... yeah nope. Still nothing.

I got upset this week because when we arrived for our visit that F... forgot about we found her smoking and as soon as she realized that we were there she let it fall from her mouth to the floor behind her counter. I'm not mad or upset that she's smoking. Just that she's been hiding it from us instead of asking for support.

Oh Bishop... ha ha. Alrighty. (Our Bishop already scheduled Elder Lundy for his first talk at home.) That'll probably be one of the easiest talks I'll give in my life. I'll have had nearly 2 years to prepare it after all!

I'm really glad you're both getting better, but it is allergy season after all so I hope you're both able to avoid that as much as possible.
I'm glad that you had such a good visit to see Grandma! I'm just sad that she had to start feeling old and mortal for her to make these changes she's making. I wonder if Grandma remembers that I owe her some birthday hugs I promised :)

I'm also glad you were able to have that little family reunion with Nana. That knee-slapper from Uncle Gary reminded me of lunch yesterday. That's a lot going on on your side of the family. I don't remember hearing that Nana got sick but I'm glad she's getting better!
Lots of congrats and good luck for Dan and Lani and fam!
And I thought it was already a sure deal that Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ron would be serving in Nauvoo... oh well. Congrats for them too!

We had lunch with one of the most entertaining families in the ward yesterday. The family consists of mom, dad, and three little kids, 8 year old E..., 5 year old G..., and 3 year old M.... I feel like every time we go there it's uncle prep for me because the little kids use me as a jungle gym and the older always asks me and his dad to tell jokes and riddles. (Elder Lundy has 4 nieces and 4 nephews and he's only met 3 of them. A lot of them were born after he went on his mission.) Anyway, his dad told a joke that was this: Porque a traficante matou a faxineira? Por que ela tirou a pô da mesa... The translation: Why did the drug trafficker kill the cleaning lady? Because she took the dust (powder in Portuguese) off the table. We started laughing because the first thing that happened was E... asked "What's a trafficker?" And his dad replied quickly, "Oh... this joke's not for you" 

So on mother's day we'll be eating lunch there again and they said that we can Skype you from there! 

I love you!!