18 July 2016

A new week make it special

(Hey COOK something to eat don't make me contact a Momma down there and have her
make you cook something. I can do that ya know...I'm a mom and we're amazing at networking
even across long distances.)
For your information I cooked tortellini for myself this week! :P ha-ha
You've got quite the calling there... I'm not jealous of you but I know that you can handle it and  that you've been put in this calling because the Lord knows that you can handle it and that he's  got people for you to help.

What have I discovered this week? That I can finally put my stubbornness to good use in the
area of self control.
What Have I learned? A lot of stuff... One of the most important for me is that I don't have to
feel alone anymore.
What have I liked about this week? I like our new zone members. I miss the old ones but I
know I'll grow to love these new missionaries quickly too.
What did I love about this week? I had the opportunity to baptize a 9 year old girl that I
interviewed for baptism this Saturday!
I've heard almost nothing about the Olympics...
Sister Gloria (our ward mission leader's wife) tailored my pants and told me to bring her the
last pair and after I asked said that she would tailor some of my shirts too! (Thank you Sister Gloria I am very Grateful for your service to our son)
Haha I like what you did for the sisters! Not every mission is as blessed to have a president
as awesome as mine. The mission doesn't see all the work that we do, especially when it's
searching down forgotten members.

Elder Lundy and President Silcox

Anyways, I love you mom!https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

11 July 2016

Giving Thanks and other things.

Haha you really did down-size some of your collections. (I finally gave away some of our Ensign collection.)
The ensigns should help the Elders if they use them right.
Wow... maybe the Lord is trying to restart the ward's relief society or something! (Our RS had a lot of releases this past month and we haven't been able to call any new sisters yet.)
I bet your talk really did turn out well. :) 
(I gave a talk in church Sunday - my source talk was -
It's a great talk by Elder Christofferson)


1. What's new/different?
We got transfer info this Sunday. They decided that in order to stop the gossip it would be better to just tell every who's being transferred then wait until Tuesday when everyone is ready to leave to say where they'll be going. Elder Ewerton and I are staying together. There will be two new sisters in my district, two new zone leaders, and elder Batchelor (the only other American) is going to a new area. Oh I also got my pants tailored down!
Something else different that happened just this moment: An American RM is back in the area visiting and passed by the LAN-house to visit some members that work here and he came over to talk with me for a bit. And he actually knows C. Santos and Matos! It was pretty cool and funny because we were talking in Portuguese and all of the sudden he stopped and said, "I don't know why I'm talking to you in Portuguese. We're both American."
2. So when was your last talk?
At least three transfers ago... The ward members and leaders are liking us a lot here though so I might give another soon.
3-4. Tell me about your week. What's been going on?
This week was a little tiring because we were walking around a lot hunting down referrals. But Sunday was awesome because A...and T... and a couple or T... children attended church FINALLY!!!! We've been working with them throughout this whole transfer. We also finally had a meeting with our ward mission leader and the bishop's first councilor for the first time this transfer and they're wanting to work more with us than before I arrived.
5. Do you need any suggestions for talks? Right now not really
6. Do you want any FHE ideas?
That could help! We haven't been in many FHE's lately, but maybe we'll be able to start up soon!
7. Are you connecting ward families with converts to help in retention?
We're finally getting some members to go teaching with us and such. These members are part of the reason we were able to get A...and T... to attend church.
8. Are you teaching them in members homes?
Nope, not yet...
9. Do you have any new pictures for us?
Nope, not yet... I don't use my camera much...
10. How is the D.L. thing going now?
It's going pretty well. The sisters in my district are hard workers and a lot of fun.

I love you Mom. I love you. I love Dad. I love Amanda, Todd, Caleb, Maddie, Leah. I love Bridget, Ron, Mason, Alice. I love Chris, Tiffany, and their baby. I love Diana, Shawn, Kora, Jack. I love Nana, and Grandma, Bapa and Grandpa. I love all my Aunts and Uncles and cousins. I love myself. I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father. I want to be with everyone forever and all eternity. That's my choice.

I love you.

04 July 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Hahaha oh mom... "I haven't hurt anyone yet" Haha I love you (I told Elder Lundy that I was feeling stressed but I was proud that I was controlling my stress.)

Yeah dad told me about those two stinkers :/ (our dogs jumped the fence to chase either a rabbit or farel cat. It took us over 30 minutes to find them. Our fence is a bit of a joke for the dogs...They can jump over twice the height of it.)

Well from your other email it seems like the 4th of July breakfast went
well. I just realized I put well in this email a lot.

Oh well... :P My week was alright. It was pretty slow with a lot of walking and bipolar temperatures. 

We had one really good lesson about sanctifying the Sabbath day with our investigators A... and T... and we had a couple from our ward present. It went really well and I could feel the spirit... but we get to Sunday... and they say they're not able to attend once again............. ugh. 

This is a good ward. It's filled with good people and the leaders really want to help us help them. 

This week we're going to start the hunt for new investigators. 

I've stopped the ponderizing a long time ago... but I have a "study book" I got from a sister in my last district that has 100 verses each with a mini talk to go with it, and I've decided to study free agency this week because it's something I'm finding to be super annoying lately.

I love you too!!!