31 May 2016

Happy 21st Birthday!

Thanks Mom!

Plans for the bday... run around saying goodbye to the people here, then returning to the casa to pack my suitcases to prepare for  the transfer tomorrow.

 I'm going to Braz Cubas in Mogi das Cruzes and Medeiros & Capener will be companions in Itaquera leaving only Elder De Souza here in the area with three new elders arriving tomorrow.

What does the Mission President do on your Birthday?
The President calls and sings happy birthday at times but I don't know if he does that for everyone.
 "Happy birthday... go pack your bags." Is what I heard last night from the zone leaders (minus the happy birthday)

We finally got some new families to teach, but because we passed a transfer without any sort of success the area is closing to see if two new elders can make a difference here.
Mom your new calling seems exhausting :/ Good Luck!

So I stole another baptism from the other elders in the casa haha.
I did Cisaro's baptismal interview and afterwards asked who he wanted to baptize him. He thought for a while then chose me (probably to not have to choose between the two elders who taught him) I baptized him on Saturday!

Before hand we were helping our 2nd councilor of the bishopric move from is apartment to another in a different ward in the stake so I got my workout in before the baptism haha. That's the 5th move I've been a part of since (and including) when we left Wisconsin. It took a while but I was actually able to help out a lot more than all the other moves in the last 3 years because I've got serious muscles now!! YAY!! :D

Anyways, that's what I got for ya. 

I love you!!

23 May 2016

Elder Maynes of the 70's presidency

Elder Maynes of the 70's presidency


We had a special conference with Elder Maynes of the 70 presidency! It was pretty cool but weird hearing everything in double. First we heard him then the same phrase in Portuguese.
Tristan sang a solo?? Awesome!
That's pretty interesting about what happened in Gunner's casa.
I hope everything works out well for Shawn.
Hooray on starting the pool deck!! Here's a hint: I don't know if your Elders have the same 4 hours of service rule I've got but you could always ask them!
My birthday also falls on P-DAY!!!
OY VAY!!! is right! Good luck with work
My week wasn't too good but I think this week will be better

Questions/ Answers:

 1. Did your area get any changes, like Sisters being allowed to wear pants to track to  
    protect them from the Zika virus? And/or being allowed to wear large brim hats
    and special sun glasses to protect you from the sun? Or receiving very strong repellent to     protect you?

    I just found out about all these changes today.

2. How are you doing getting the Magda-Santos' neighbors to take lessons?

    Honestly I hadn't thought about their neighbors yet.

3. Are you teaching anyone new?

    We've got a couple new families now and I'm super hopeful about one of them in      

4. Is everyone felling better in your casa?

    We've all pretty much gotten better. Now Capener and I are trying to get the others to      
    exercise and get up earlier.

5. Are you and you companion praying together morning and night?

     Yup yup

6. Any idea who will be transferred?

I think we'll all stay for at least one more. I don't want to pack my bags during my birthday

7. How is the family that you fasted with doing?

We finally saw some of them again today on our way to the LAN-house and they seemed pretty happy.

8. What happened in your week?

I had a down time due to frustration that made a few days stink. I ended up getting over it by using the Adjusting to missionary life handbook (basically just talks about stress) writing in my journal (which I'm not managing to do everyday anymore) and crying for a couple hours about stuff that has nothing to do with the mission.

9. Did you get the permission you wanted to go where you wanted to go on Pday?

No :( They're getting more strict about it again which is a good thing but still stinks at times.


I love you!!! https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

16 May 2016

Day of the Flu shot

Me, D. Silva, Rodrigues, and M. Pereira
on the day 
of the Flu shot

Day of the flu shot with Webster and Beatty

Me, Middleton, and Kebker (flu shot day yet again)
This sunday

This morning wearing Medeiros' proselyting shirt
(size 1 in men's Brazilian size)

Questions /Answer time:

1. What's new for you? Investigators? Less actives? baptisms?

We're working with a family to reactivate them. We did a fast with the family and I think it went well. I'm also thinking of buying a new picture frame for their family sealing certificate. We've got a family we're teaching that I'm really hopeful for. " I"and her two sons (we still haven't met the father yet cause he's never home when they're available for our visits) "I" really likes the peace our lessons bring, and her boys really like us.

2. What new recipes would you like this time?
I haven't gotten around to trying out any of the first ones yet because we had a division in Penha Tuesday, zone conference Wednesday, and I was sick the rest of the week with Medeiros catching what I had when I finally started getting better.

3. How's it going with your companion? Praying like a family? I hope so.

We've only missed one night praying together so far and that was because Medeiros was feeling really wiped out from the sickness and fell asleep before I realized it. But yeah, Medeiros is still helping me a lot.

4. How is the wardrobe going?

I haven't gotten any new clothes yet because the store we went to ended up being a bust. I tried out some of Elder Capener's an Medeiros' shirts to see how it'd be. I can fit into size 16 (possibly 15) with the only problem being that the neck is too small for me. And Mederos' shirts are too small for me but look really good in a fashion way haha. Remember my small white shirt I'd wear to school? They fit like that.

5. Is it getting an easier being a DL.

It's a little easier. Being DL isn't really hard, it just takes up a lot of time that I used to use to relax and plan better...

Congrats on the new calling Mom! You'll do great!

I love you!!!    https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

09 May 2016

Mother's Day Skyping

Hi All,

We didn't get a really big letter today. So there isn't much to share. Sorry...
BUT we were able to talk to him because it was mother's Day! 
He did ask us to share his love for you all and that he is feeling well. 
We had a wonderful conversation with him, thanks to the Magda family.
They shared their home with Elder Lundy on Mother's Day so he could Skype with us.

02 May 2016

Winds of Change...

...We got a few new investigators that might actually be interested.
The problem right now with working with less actives is finding them and catching them in their homes.
The other family (M's family) accepted us in and we were able to visit. We're going to do the fast on the 14th going into the 15th. We're going to fast for a blessing for them that they can keep up with work and be able to pay their bills and such.
I know all about those sort of excuses to not read the scriptures and stuff like that :/ (I told Elder Lundy about a Sister I'm visiting)
As for the weather... I feel like a whimp!!! It's getting to low 60s/high 50s and I'm getting chilled. It's because I lost around 60 pounds of blubber... But yeah I'm going to buy some new clothes that fit better and that are a bit warmer today.
I'm in the Jardim Tietê ward. We end at 12:30 and usually have lunch right after. Elder Medeiros and I are planning on calling around X our time here in Brazil. We're going to confirm our Skype location this week.
I love you a lot