12 April 2017

Family, Reunions and Eternity

It really seems like you all were having a great time! (We had a family reunion this past week.) Of course I'm a bit jealous, but soon enough I'll be back there. Once I finish my work here that is.

Hahaha poor Shawn! (Dad snores so he  apologized to Shawn today. Shawn slept with ear plugs in last night. )
Tell Sommer and the Burtons hi for me!

My week was alright but kinda slow. This week that's starting up will be cool. We've got zone conference again! The presidency changed the plans a little while ago and said that it's now mandatory to have zone conference and interviews with the president every transfer.

I haven't heard much about how Bishop Samuel is doing but I'm sure he's well.
As it turns out there are a lot of people here in the ward that know people from my comp's home ward which is like 4 to 6 hours away. There's even one person who met him like 8 or 9 years ago and remembered him! (we were shocked and amazed by her memory especially because he was just turning 12 at that time and now he's 20) Small world for sure!

Yesterday we had lunch with one family, then more of their family showed up. lunch was churrasco (grilled stuffs) but later turned into a birthday party for the youngest member of the family who will turn 1 year old tomorrow.

I had a good moment while teaching R... He always seems to comment that we bring a feeling of peace when we visit and I finally got the chance to explain that peace is being brought by the Spirit and this time I think he finally understood!
I'm glad the flights were uneventful! (Sorry this post is late we were flying home this week)
Hooray for Chris!! (Elder Lundy's Older brother graduated from BYUI this week)
haha shooting day(target practice) :3 Aí sim! Congrats on the progress!
I'm glad you had a lot of fun and hope you'll still be able to have some more before going home!

anyways, I love you!

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