24 April 2017

Still in Vila Ema . . . Yay :)

So it didn't work out too well. R... is still drinking a bit of coffee and the family wasn't able to get their neighbors to go to the FHE or church :/ but R... said he has a friend who's interested and another brother in the ward said he has an interested friend.

Wow, interesting week at work for sure. That stinks about the cold. I seem to always get sick when a conference of some type comes around during the mission. At least you were able to get some stuff done!

So transfers are this week. Elder Puga and I are staying together in Vila Ema. Two of the sisters in my district were transferred and it seems three will arrive. One companionship will be a trio. I think I might stay here until my mission ends. I honestly want to end in the Capital because everything is cheaper there, but I'll work where I'm called.

You know I'm not good at writing about real life stuff and that I never read non-fiction so the writer's block gets worse while writing about real stuff :P (I teased Elder Lundy, He's got a gift for writing except when it comes to letters)

I thought that might happen with the bishop haha. "Yay, they returned!" And of course you guys never take vacations! Our bishop came up with the quote of the week here during the "5 minute" rescue effort meeting that we have after church every week. "Se a gente não batisa, a gente faz filho." (Context: There was a birth in the ward and probably will be one more this week or the next.) What the phrase means: "If we don't baptize (converts) we'll have kids." Oh bishop... haha 

Sisters in my district baptized a woman this Sunday! I held an interview with her and it was a really cool experience. The coolest thing is that the brother That brought her to church and eventually baptized her is the father of A..., a young man I baptized while I was in Taubaté. Oh and speaking of Taubaté, Elder Moreira, one of my past companions, is there right now and he mentioned that I was his companion and there's a bunch of people that remember me and even two of the youth (the two that like anime and superheroes and stuff) said they remembered me and liked me a lot. I got all warm and fuzzy :3 Anyways, it looks like we might have some new investigators soon I hope.


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