10 July 2017

This will be Elder Lundy's last full week on his Mission

I didn't have a 4th of July. It passed by before I even realized...
Man that's gonna be rough on Oliver. 8 weeks? and right when I'm gonna get home. Ugh.
Those boys are looking so big now! (Our dog Oliver was injured in a Frisbee accident and may need surgery.)

Oh so this week we finally had the zone conference and it was with four zones! more or less 50 missionaries. 11 of the 18 that are going home this transfer were present so our testimony session took pretty much an hour like I thought it would haha. It was kinda funny because my arrival group has 5 elders,4 Americans and one Brazilian and all of us were present so the one Brazilian got to do something rare which is hear the ending testimonies of all the Americans from his group. I got to see a bunch of friends again including Elder EWERTON!!! YAY!! This was the first time in almost a year that I got to see him! I can honestly say I'm pretty proud of him!  I was his second companion and now he's my AP! He calls me Papai basically saying that I was his trainer. :) He gave a really good training session.

Elder Beatty also informed Webster, Kebker, and I that our MTC instructor Irmã Fuoco is going to be sealed this Friday morning and she invited us all to attend!! As for the temple, the missionaries who're ending their mission here all go one last time in their last days.

One more thing! One sister was joking a bit about her husband's large belly during lunch and at the same time giving us advice but it was actually pretty funny. "Girls want the cute little washboard abs, but a REAL woman wants the large 10kg washing machine because she knows it gets the work done!" haha (Dad's reply... SO THAT'S WHY Mom keeps the old washing machine fed!!  ;-)  She's really getting the work done now!  :D)

My throat's getting better. I'm pretty sure it's the house where we live. There's a leakage problem when it rains and it's always pretty cold in our house. And yes I did gargle with warm salt water. 2 times!

(I had a talk and lesson to give on Sunday almost an hour and a half of talking.) Mom, you've always had the gift of gab when it comes to gospel stuff :P (that's a good thing) I'm pretty sure my talk will take up a good amount of time just because I'll keep pausing to try to remember how to say English words haha :P I know them all very well but saying them is another matter.
This week apart from the sealing session I'll attend, I'll have self sufficiency training on Wednesday. Tuesday morning we have a district meeting but first we'll have a zone wide breakfast. Thursday there will be an integration activity for the ward at night. Next Monday I'll be going to the mission office and we'll have dinner with the President followed by another testimony meeting. Next Tuesday we're going to the temple, then we'll have our final interviews and Wednesday we're getting on the plane!!
Yeah the weather change won't be too big. It just won't get as chilly there haha.
Imma make dad exercise with me :3

I love you!!!

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