04 July 2017

4th of July Week

Fireworks from home - small town USA

This week was slower than normal because I got sick last p-day and spent the majority of the week sick. My sore throat got worse when I got sick and is currently the only problem I've got.

This ward helps a bit more than others so I don't have much to complain about but the issue with converts' family is worldwide sadly. 

Wow... you guys got a lot of work done this week! That stinks about needing to put down the rooster. :/ And awesomeness about your new temple prep class!!

I'm a bit sad because our two investigators L... and C... have begun avoiding us. C... told her member friend P... that the church is very mysterious after watching Sunday. Ugh... we're here to take away the mystery. But no... ...ugh.

Oh so the zone conference didn't happen this past week for some reason so it's gonna be this Wednesday together with a total of 4 zones! that'll be cool. We're gonna spend at least an hour on the testimony session for everyone who's going home.

Anyways, I love you! 

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