14 March 2016

Elder Furtado had dental work done


Furtado is doing better in all aspects now. (Elder Furtado had a lot of dental work done.)
We've been praying in the morning before leaving to work, but I think we could really get better at that.
As for St. Patrick's day... I'm probably just gonna eat green colored stuff.
 Oooh blue tooth speakers :3 (Mom and Dad bought one from Emergency essentials for a really good price)

So umm in the mission this week... We went to do some government stuff in the center of São Paulo on Tuesday. It took the whole last part of the day. The assistant to the president that helped all of us out with that (Elder Hirst) sat down next to me all exhausted at the end and said, "Ugh... I think I have a hernia. I don't even know what that is but I'm pretty sure I've got one!" Other than that we were staying in the house almost all the rest of the week. Every morning we went to the dentist then returned to the casa because apparently the tooth pain was too hard to work through. I read a lot of the Bible during this time.
(Are you staying well?) I'm alright. Just a little cold every now and then.
(Are You Happy?) I'm happy at times, I'm bored at others, and so on.
(Are your shoes dry?) My shoes get wet a lot in the rain... I just put them in front of the fan over night and such.

I love you a lot 

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