28 March 2016

Easter Week of March 27 2016

Paulo's baptism

As of today this is what I look like.

(I told Elder Lundy that 2 of the Missionaries in our ward were leaving after being with us for a long time. I am going to miss them.) 
It's hard but good for the long timers to get transferred. I was only in Taubaté for 3 transfers and it was difficult. We had a FHE with a bunch of my favorite families in the ward my last night there and I gave the message and all the women and I were tearing up by the end haha.
I was told that some of the boys in the ward almost cried when they found out I left and that made me sad cause I thought I'd informed them...

The temple trip went well! I got to see Elders M. Pereira, D. Silva, and Kebker again! The metro and bus rides to the temple were a bit annoying but it all went fine. We got there a bit late though so I had to rush to change and get in the waiting room. . .
Oh, and I borrowed Elder Teixeira's extra suit because I forgot my suit coat at our casa (we spent the night before at the casa of the LZs) and it was a tiny bit tight but fit me really well.
M. Pereira, me, and C Santos (aka Mae, Filho, Pai)

Me, Elder Beatty and Elder Kebker

 A group of us went to a nearby restaurant afterwards and M. Pereira was talking with someone and I overheard him say that I basically recharged his battery to get back to work when we were companions! That made me happy to hear. :)

Lunch group after the Temple -
As for Easter, M... invited us over for dinner. We had a meal that her kids prepared and it was pretty darn good! We spent some time chatting about stuff then Furtado gave a message. Oh! And before sacrament, M's son gave me a little packet of cookies. Other than that Easter was like any other day.

Anyway... I think that's it.
I love you a lot and I'm working hard not to miss you too much :P
Oh work... 
Good Friday is Brazil's "Everybody eat fish!" day... luckily us Mormons aren't catholic so I didn't have to eat fish. I was the only person in the super market holding a box of burgers while everyone else had a smelly bag of fish...

I love you a lot!

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