21 March 2016

The Week Before Easter

I'm giving up on the weather here... it's annoying...(Yeah, it's like Michigan but not as cold. The weather is unpredictable.)

Something a little happier: I've made some friends in the ward finally! The first counselor in the elders quorum is a little older than me and is a returned missionary. One day we were at his family's house for lunch and his mom had forgotten about it so we had to wait a little bit. While we waited, he showed off his manga collection ha ha :3 We spent a little while talking about manga afterwards. His younger  brother returned from his mission last Tuesday and this Sunday he brought him directly to me to introduce us with a big smile on his face. ANYWAY, their family has a neighbor who's investigated the church a little already and I'm hoping that we'll be able to work with the family to help their neighbor get baptized!

This transfer is a week shorter than the norm! So in the middle of April we'll be having transfers. At the moment, we're thinking that I'll stay and Furtado will leave. The next transfer will include mother's day (i think) so I'll probably still be here for it.

Off to the temple tomorrow!!!

I love you!!!!!!  

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