05 April 2016

General Conference Week

Austin Peterson just finished his mission?? Seriously?? Wow! Tell him congrats for me!

That's a cool story about conference. I saw all of it but the Prophet's talk at the beginning of Sunday's first session. . . They have instantaneous translations so we watched it at the same time. And yeah I think it was just about midnight when I went to bed after the priesthood session. We got a ride from the church to our casa.
I don't like deadlines but that's because I'm the type to worry about them. If you say it needs to be done by this time get it done by that time. If you say you're going to be there at such and such time, be there at such and such time... Furtado doesn't understand that...

Oh! I'm already on my third journal. The cover of this one says Keep Calm and Be Happy... hopefully it'll help. I write in my journal everyday and haven't missed yet, although it's usually just a list of what I did in the day. Yeah...

My mind works just as weirdly as yours (Dad), but in different ways. For example: I was reflecting on how I was nearly hit by a vehicle for the third time in the mission field and my mind thought about how it was really a brush with death this last time, then my mind went on a "I think old-timey hairbrushes are cool but I'd never use one" tangent which led to me coming up with one of my most interesting story ideas yet! :3 (But don't worry about that almost getting hit thing... I'm alive and unharmed :P )
I exercise almost every day and eat three meal almost every day too. My weight's been between 80 and 76 kilos recently. (176-168 pounds)

I went with Elder C. Santos to visit Elder Matos today. Matos was traveling from the mission office to his old area and I wanted to take the chance to see him in case I didn't get the chance before he ends his missionhttps://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif.

I love you Mom and Dad!

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