25 April 2016

IN the picture is (left to right)
Elder Medeiros, Elder De Souza, Me, and Elder Capener

Questions for you this week:

1. The who, what and where of your new companion? In other words tell me all about him.  
Elder Medeiros is 23 years old. He's the only memer in his family. He's from the state of Pernambuco, the town/city of Gravatá. He's got 3 months in the mission, I'm his "mother" in the mission and I'm partially retraining him because his first comp didn't do the first twelve weeks with him. He likes anime and stuff that I like too so we've got something to chat about when we're feeling overwhelmed from the new workload.
2. Have you started off your new companionship right? Are you praying together morning and night?
We're praying together in the morning but not at night yet. I had just remembered that and I was going to ask him about it tonight. But we get along and it seems like we already work together better than I worked with Furtado.
3. Are you reading the how to's of being a DL and all the rules?
We had a DL meeting this past sunday to go over stuff with the ZL because 2 of the 3 DLs in our zone are new this transfer (Me and Capener) And yeah I'm studying all the stuff I can find.
4. Tell me something about what your responsibilities are as a DL?
I hold baptismal interviews, I check up on the other two companionships in my district each night, conduct district meeting every tuesday morning, and report about my district to the ZLs
5. Have you gotten some clothes? LIKE A SUIT?
Like I said before (I think) Furtado gave me a new suit coat my first week with him. But other than that no.
6. Are you well?
Meh. After becoming DL I spent everyday feeling sick with a full body ache and I couldn't sleep. I'm getting a little bit better...
7. Have you been hearing much about the impeachment of the Brazilian President?
Whenever I hear about politics here recently it's about the impeachment but I haven't heard too much
Not really
9. Can I have a picture of your new companion?
Possibly. I'll try sending one week took this morning
10. How did your week go? Did you get any investigators or reactivate any less actives?
After this past weeks' work we might get some new investigators this week, and we'll definitely be working with a bunch of less actives. We've got one familyof less actives that we'll be visiting tonight to plan out a fast with them.

Oh so one night when I went to bed about 15 minutes early (because my brain was already fried) and Medeiros showed up at the foot of my bed and threw something at me. It ended up being a stuffed Charmander that he was giving as a gift to me. :3 He's got a Bulbasaur that he keeps on his bed.

Welp I gotta go...

I love you

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