02 May 2016

Winds of Change...

...We got a few new investigators that might actually be interested.
The problem right now with working with less actives is finding them and catching them in their homes.
The other family (M's family) accepted us in and we were able to visit. We're going to do the fast on the 14th going into the 15th. We're going to fast for a blessing for them that they can keep up with work and be able to pay their bills and such.
I know all about those sort of excuses to not read the scriptures and stuff like that :/ (I told Elder Lundy about a Sister I'm visiting)
As for the weather... I feel like a whimp!!! It's getting to low 60s/high 50s and I'm getting chilled. It's because I lost around 60 pounds of blubber... But yeah I'm going to buy some new clothes that fit better and that are a bit warmer today.
I'm in the Jardim Tietê ward. We end at 12:30 and usually have lunch right after. Elder Medeiros and I are planning on calling around X our time here in Brazil. We're going to confirm our Skype location this week.
I love you a lot

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