04 July 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Hahaha oh mom... "I haven't hurt anyone yet" Haha I love you (I told Elder Lundy that I was feeling stressed but I was proud that I was controlling my stress.)

Yeah dad told me about those two stinkers :/ (our dogs jumped the fence to chase either a rabbit or farel cat. It took us over 30 minutes to find them. Our fence is a bit of a joke for the dogs...They can jump over twice the height of it.)

Well from your other email it seems like the 4th of July breakfast went
well. I just realized I put well in this email a lot.

Oh well... :P My week was alright. It was pretty slow with a lot of walking and bipolar temperatures. 

We had one really good lesson about sanctifying the Sabbath day with our investigators A... and T... and we had a couple from our ward present. It went really well and I could feel the spirit... but we get to Sunday... and they say they're not able to attend once again............. ugh. 

This is a good ward. It's filled with good people and the leaders really want to help us help them. 

This week we're going to start the hunt for new investigators. 

I've stopped the ponderizing a long time ago... but I have a "study book" I got from a sister in my last district that has 100 verses each with a mini talk to go with it, and I've decided to study free agency this week because it's something I'm finding to be super annoying lately.

I love you too!!! 

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