01 May 2017

Each and every minute of the day...

I'm alright. A bit sore because I overdid it while exercising a couple days ago ha ha.
I don't think R... is really working to prepare to be baptized. But this Saturday the Zone Leaders are going to interview him to help show him that all he has to do is stop drinking coffee and he can be baptized. As for new investigators... yeah nope. Still nothing.

I got upset this week because when we arrived for our visit that F... forgot about we found her smoking and as soon as she realized that we were there she let it fall from her mouth to the floor behind her counter. I'm not mad or upset that she's smoking. Just that she's been hiding it from us instead of asking for support.

Oh Bishop... ha ha. Alrighty. (Our Bishop already scheduled Elder Lundy for his first talk at home.) That'll probably be one of the easiest talks I'll give in my life. I'll have had nearly 2 years to prepare it after all!

I'm really glad you're both getting better, but it is allergy season after all so I hope you're both able to avoid that as much as possible.
I'm glad that you had such a good visit to see Grandma! I'm just sad that she had to start feeling old and mortal for her to make these changes she's making. I wonder if Grandma remembers that I owe her some birthday hugs I promised :)

I'm also glad you were able to have that little family reunion with Nana. That knee-slapper from Uncle Gary reminded me of lunch yesterday. That's a lot going on on your side of the family. I don't remember hearing that Nana got sick but I'm glad she's getting better!
Lots of congrats and good luck for Dan and Lani and fam!
And I thought it was already a sure deal that Aunt Sharon and Uncle Ron would be serving in Nauvoo... oh well. Congrats for them too!

We had lunch with one of the most entertaining families in the ward yesterday. The family consists of mom, dad, and three little kids, 8 year old E..., 5 year old G..., and 3 year old M.... I feel like every time we go there it's uncle prep for me because the little kids use me as a jungle gym and the older always asks me and his dad to tell jokes and riddles. (Elder Lundy has 4 nieces and 4 nephews and he's only met 3 of them. A lot of them were born after he went on his mission.) Anyway, his dad told a joke that was this: Porque a traficante matou a faxineira? Por que ela tirou a pô da mesa... The translation: Why did the drug trafficker kill the cleaning lady? Because she took the dust (powder in Portuguese) off the table. We started laughing because the first thing that happened was E... asked "What's a trafficker?" And his dad replied quickly, "Oh... this joke's not for you" 

So on mother's day we'll be eating lunch there again and they said that we can Skype you from there! 

I love you!!

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