16 September 2015

Our letter from Elder Lundy

Our letter from Elder Lundy was a little short today...but here is the main part of it.

Where is Elder Webster from? How many siblings? What number of birth order? Convert or lifer? Tell him your Mom is nosy if you need to ask him and tell him Hi for me.
He's from Sandy, Utah. A member for life with an older bro and younger sis.

What are your responsibilities in your calling as a zone leader in the MTC?
As zone leaders we welcome the newbies and choose people to play hymns, give prayers and bless/pass for church on Sundays.

Have you heard anything from your gang of friends from Wisconsin?
Megan emailed me today and last week and I think some of the others emailed me today, I haven't checked that yet though.

Are your legs still sore or are you loosening up a little now?
My legs still hurt a lot, but every once in a while they're not as bad.

Do you exercise in a gym or outside?
If it's not raining we're outside. If it is we play ping pong inside.

How is your money holding up? Have you bought much since you arrived?
My money's good, I've bought some stuff at the distribution center next to the temple and that's pretty much it. OH!!! I also ordered a hand designed leather scripture case that I'll be picking up in an hour!

Are you getting better at laundry and maybe ironing? (sorry I really thought I taught you how to iron)
I don't need to iron much, and the laundry machines here are really bad honestly.

You have what, about 2 weeks before you are in the field? Have they said when you will leave the MTC?
I'm leaving on the 29th in the morning I believe.

I told Elder Lundy about his dogs: we went to Ice cream Junction last week. It was great. We took Oliver and Cooper with us. They loved it. We bought them a baby cone each with soft serve vanilla ice cream in it. Dad and I licked our cones and they licked theirs too. We thought they might just gulp them down, nope we stood there with the dogs on the back seat of the van, us outside standing and ever one just licking away. What a sight kinda comical.

I really wish I could've seen the puppies at ice cream junction.

I hope you did well this past week learning the lessons and the language.  Are there any Brazilians in your “class” at the MTC?  Do you get much chance to get outside?  (AKA –How’s the weather in Sao Paulo?)
All the windows in Brazil have dark tinting to them so It looks like it's dark outside much earlier than it actually is so I get tired earlier than I should.
There are no Brazilians in my "class" btw. Just English speaking Americans.
Anyway igtg now...

Welp... I love you!!!!! Byebye

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