23 September 2015

I can actually see a future

So I've had a really important change in my life recently.

I can actually see a future for myself now. 
I couldn't before. I saw a gray "future" of me going to college 
and then a fade to black sort of thing.

Now I can see my future in Technicolor ha ha.
I WILL go to college and I WILL get a job that I like and I WILL get married in the
temple and have a big happy family and I WILL become an author....

IN other news... I've lost a total of 22 pounds.

And I'm really sorry to hear about the Little Red Hen problems. 
I hope people eventually get better about it, and I hope the puppies 
will be able to be good boys and not hurt themselves.

And I'm not sorry about the puppy baths in the morning :P mwahaha...

Thanks for your prayers and I'd just ask that you pray that I can literally hit the
ground running instead of limping like I am now... 

OKays that's it I think... I love you!!!

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