09 September 2015

A few questions answered:

This week we had a few questions answered:

1.   Do you ride a bus to the Temple or walk to it?

We ride the bus 45 minutes to get to the temple.

2.   What are you doing that you lost 13 pounds?

We have physical activity nearly every day, plus I don't snack as much. And I've actually lost 16 pounds now.

3.   You said the food was good...but what kind of food do they serve you?
There's pretty much just some sort of fried meat at every lunch and dinner and rice & beans, then there's bread and fruit and veggies if we want them. Breakfast is weird because we have meat and cheese sandwiches every morning.

4.   What is your normal daily schedule like? Other than P-day.

Wake up,
get prepared,
eat breakfast,
physical activity,
get taught and then teach,
get taught and then teach,
plan for tomorrow,
prepare for bed,
5.   Are you able to speak any sentences in Portuguese?

I'm able to communicate in português already but at a very low level and mainly only about gospel stuff.

6.   Has anyone taught you any customs of Brazil?

No customs lessons yet.

7.   The MTC President sent us a picture of your class. You look to be one of the taller ones how many are taller than you?

There are two or three taller than me. My companion and I were on opposite ends of the group picture. And we actually got two knew sisters last week so they split our district into two groups of 6 and 7 missionaries... on and the old zone leaders left for the field yesterday so on Sunday my companion and I were told that we're the new zone leaders for Branch 2. Yay... that means no more free time on Sundays. So that's my big news I guess.

Eu amo vocês!!!!! (That means I love you all)

PS -  There was a massive devotional at the MTC yesterday. We had the whole area presidency speaking and there were an extra 200 field missionaries bussed in and the whole thing was recorded to be broadcast to every stake in Brazil. Alrighty, that's all I've got. 
I love you!

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