05 January 2016

Highlight of the week


Well I'll start with the highlight of the week. On Sunday, I baptized A.... He's 17... On Sunday his father, older brother, and grandmother were there for his baptism.

That's the guy right in the middle! :)

Okay, the week...
we didn't do much because it was a holiday week so everyone was gone and everything was shut down. We went to a barbeque in honor of Elder Martinez's birthday. I paid for a bunch of food and drinks for that. 
Then for new years eve, my companion and I were the only companionship in the entire mission authorized to celebrate. Everyone else was supposed to return to the casa at 7 and sleep at 10:30. We got to go to the Bishop's house and celebrate it because the Bishop's wife called us to ask what our plans were and when Pereira told her the rules she had him give her the President's number. She called him and less than five minutes later, she called us again to tell us we were authorized. I guess it helps to have lawyers as the Bishop and his wife ha ha. 
Then on the 1st, we got a new investigator marked for baptism on the 16th!
That's the week...

I love you

This picture was taken outside the house of the family that lives the farthest 
away that gives us lunch every once in a while. It was about 2 hours to get there.
A lot of time on the bus, then almost 25 minutes walking on a narrow dirt road.

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