25 January 2016

Correct address

Please note - Elder Lundy says the top letter is the correct address

Q: Did N.. (V...'s girlfriend) and R... (the non-member father of a reactivating family) get baptized this Sunday? They did get baptized!! Both of them! Pereira baptized R... and... V... BAPTIZED N...!! :D 

When Pereira baptized R... he dunked him in the font and made a pretty big splash haha.

I think V... didn't want to make a splash so barely pushed N... under the surface. Her knee popped up the first time so they had to do it again but everything was good the second time!
V... brought his family for N...'s baptism too! His mom, two brothers, one sister, and one of his brother's girlfriend! They all attended all three sessions too!
The thing about the coloring books is a good idea, but I don't really need it right now.
As for Carnaval, President has said nothing so far.
I'm getting better with Portuguese and I've been able to sing the sacrament hymns since the MTC. (Honestly if I could learn to sing in Japanese on my own I'm pretty sure I could learn to sing in Portuguese to songs I've heard my whole life haha :P)
As for the numbered Questions:
1. Tell me one new thing you learned about the Brazilian people this week.
... Não sei
2. Name a person that you met this week that impressed you.
I didn't really meet anyone new who impressed me, but I've been super impressed by my ward mission leader Yuri. He's 30, was born in the church, didn't serve a mission, but he's definitely been working to make up for that I'd say. He's a really hard working ward mission leader and he's definitely helped us a lot.
3. Do you ever cook anything for yourself or is it all out of a package food?
Every once in a while I cook for myself, but usually if anyone cooks in the casa it's Pereira. I have made the crushed and fried ramen and the others approved of it haha
4. Can you get your picture taken with the Mission President and his wife?
ERMEHGERSH!!! I just saw them Wednesday and I forgot to get a picture!!!! AGAIN!!! UGH!!!
5. Did the new mission rules come out this week?
The whole thing about new mission rules was kinda a misunderstanding. The broadcast wasn't about rules. It was a worldwide training broadcast. The first one in over a decade!
6. Who delivers letters to you when someone mails them to you?
The letters go to the mission house and from there they are sent to the different zones, then they're distributed to your district leader and then to you, but my comp has been the district leader since I arrived in the field. 
And speaking of letters, I got my Christmas cards two weeks ago! I got one from Sister Garrison, the Bishopric, the Beehives, the Dudley family, and Nana. If you could thank them for me that'd be awesome. Nana sent a story about an "Old Art Collector and his Son" and I read this story on the bus ride back from a meeting and I ended up crying for a good little while because of it.

Anyway, Other stuff about this week... On the trip back to Taubaté from Campos do Jordão, Yuri stopped at a cliff overlooking the valley below and we took some pictures and bought some souvenirs from the vendors there.

Oh and we've had lots of visitors from other areas this week. The elders from Pindamonhangaba were here Monday night through Wednesday for a district meeting and the broadcast thingy. They left Wednesday and Thursday night, the zone leaders showed up so they could take care of the baptismal interviews in the following days. Sunday night, the elders from Pinda showed up again to spend p-day with us. So last night we had 8 elders sleeping in our casa! It was interesting...
oh and I've apparently made myself the "secretary" of the Taubaté area of the mission. I've always got a pen, paper, documents, basically whatever is needed.
One more Oh! I've started eating breakfast more frequently. I've been buying frosted flakes and the milk they gave us in the MTC.
Other than that...


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