11 January 2016

My Nana got a tablet before I did

My Nana got a tablet before I did?! ha ha that's awesome!
I just sent her an email thanking her for her support and telling her how I've changed and that I've been able to see others change thanks to her help in getting me on my mission.

So we've got 4 more baptisms marked for this month!
F.. (the soon to be mother in-law of our RM neighbor D....) will be baptized on the upcoming Sunday (unless she gets nervous and backs out)
And on the 24th We've got V...'s girlfriend N..., her daughter Y...,
and as for working with less active members... We currently have a new investigator,
R....., who's the only non-member in his family. His wife, 12 year old daughter, and 9 year old son are all baptized but fell away for a while and now they've decided to come back as a family. We already taught him a lesson with his family there and we're going to return tonight to have a family home evening with them and dedicate their home afterwards on their request. I'm glad you got the chance to go out with the missionaries. And I'm serious about wanting to help however I can when you and mom decide to serve.

Oh so there's been some rule changes in the mission and on the 20th there will be a special broadcast from the First Presidency to announce changes and new rules for ALL missions worldwide! One change I'm not too happy about is that we will no longer have transfer meetings. What we used to do is gather everyone being transferred (and their companions) at the mission home and have a big meeting where the new companionship's were announced. Now we'll just get a call Sunday night telling us who'll stay and who'll go and then on the Tuesday after the call, the person getting transferred will have to find their way to the new area alone.

Welp... I gotta go now. I love you a lot!

PS: I weigh 78.6 kilos!!! (aka 173.28 pounds) Also, Everyone I've shown really 
likes the picture of the missionary list!

 (This is a list of all Our Family and Extended Family that go on a mission. They read the book with the list and then when they receive their call to serve they sign the book and date it and put where they will be serving. 2 more of Elder Lundy's generation left to sign...then it's on to the next generation.) 

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