18 January 2016

Mom told me Goliath attacks you ha-ha :P

Mom told me Goliath attacks you ha-ha :P Oh Dad... getting attacked by chickens ha-ha

Sister F... didn't get baptized :( We can't baptize her if it's against her husband's wishes because we can baptize if it will cause contention within the family.

(Mom told Elder Lundy about an elder when she was a kid that got lost on a transfer.)That's pretty much what will be happening to me when I'm transferred... Hopefully I don't get too lost. 

I've started using my personal debit card to buy food. I've used about 75 reais this past week. (that's about 18.60 US Dollar.) I weighed myself today and I've actually gained  .7 kilos! (about 1.5 pounds

So hopefully we'll have two baptisms this upcoming Sunday! N... (V's girlfriend) and R... (the non-member father of a reactivating family) Sadly Y..., N's 9 year old daughter, won't be getting baptized yet because N... wants to move out of her parents house before so there won't be as much contention from her catholic parents. As for R... we're going to try our best to help him let go of coffee. That's the last thing standing in the way. Really it seems like it was the only thing.

We had a lot of rain here :/ it was rather annoying.

Oh! There was an American couple in the Taubaté church building yesterday! The husband was here on business as well as visiting his old mission areas. I think he served a bit over 30 years ago. He showed up prepared for American missionaries too! He brought twizzlers, skittles, and werther's and when he found me he gave them to me and told me to share ha-ha. The others don't like twizzlers so I get them all. They downed the skittles fast, and the Werther's are being savored :3 

He painted for Mom and Dad before he went on his mission.
Now he's all ready to do it as service. :)

Oh! We had a chance to do a service project for the Miranda family (the couple who took care of me when I was sick) Their son is returning from his mission next week so they were fixing up his room. We helped to move a wardrobe and paint the room... yup painting... again. It was kinda weird cause the paint was basically the consistency of milk and painted just about as well.

Anyways... I love you!!

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