15 February 2016


As for Carnaval, I only saw a bit on TV while passing stores in the street. Honestly it's not something I have any interest in.
Questions I asked Elder Lundy
Thought for the week: I was just thinking...Do you think that Pday is on Monday so that missionaries can avoid the Monday blues, and TGIM since TGIF doesn't apply?  ;)

haha I never thought about the reason p-day is on Monday but that makes sense :3

1. Tell me more about your new area. it's not too big, but it's big enough. there's a street running straight through the middle of it that's nothing but shops and I honestly think it's kinda cool.
2. Is it all you hoped it would be? It's alright. I like the fact that it's smaller and that there's wind. But the work is different and a little harder here.
3. What new thing did you learn this week? I learned that Elder Furtado doesn't handle it well when the ward members aren't exactly helpful. No one gave a ride to our investigators due to the short notice they received to do it. I hope I'll be able to help him learn to set up these sort of commitments better.
4. Any new investigators? Kinda... there's a guy who's become "friends" with us because he wants to learn English, so I told him that I'd help him a little if he let us give him and his family messages about the church
5. What are your other companions names? 6. Where is everyone from? The others are Elder Caramujo (from porto alegre) Elder Capener (from boston) and Elder Freire (from a small city a bit farther north in brazil)
7. Tell me about your new neighborhood. The new neighborhood is in the other Elders area, but our area is really close. It's pretty calm but there' definitely more people because it's within the city of São Paulo.
Oh!! so we had a baptism on Sunday!! Paulo, an investigator that they've been working with for a little while finally got the chance to be baptized!

Elder Lundy's Father's birthday was last week so Dad told him to celebrate it!
So we had 7 elders there for burgers. Sadly they were pan fried. We had some pineapple and I got some of them to try it on their burgers and at least one of them liked it!! haha :3
And you've got no idea how much I wish I could have winter weather in the middle of summer right now
That would be cool if the ward got to do more temple work! I'm going to the temple in March I think. The temple is in a different mission but in the same city so it's close enough that the president can choose when he wants to take us.

I love you a lot and the other Elders say thanks and they love ya too haha :) 

I love you all a lot!!!

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