29 February 2016

I'm borrowing a pair of shorts

I'm borrowing a pair of shorts from Elder Freire right now and the brazilian size is 38...
brazilian size 42 for men is U.S. size 32... Booyah!https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif
I'm staying strong all right! :)
I went a few weeks without doing exercises but I started up again. I was sore at first but now I'm good and I can actually see muscles! :3https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif
The basketball shorts still fit fine. The proselyting clothes are huge, but I think I might be 
able to find a sister in the ward who tailors soon.

Haha oh Nana :) I'm glad she had a good birthday (Elder Lundy's Nana turned 91.) 
I really hope you're able to have one of those Little Red Hen activities finally! (the last 3 were snowed out)
Horray for Tristan Measel!!! (Turned in his papers to be an eagle scout)

I made the salsa this week!! It turned out pretty good! Elder Caramujo never had salsa before but he liked it so much he ate more of it that anyone else. I made tortilla chips out of pan fried cut up tortilla wraps. OH!! The other thing I do with fried pieces of tortilla wraps is make a sugar and cinnamon coated dessert that's pretty darn good. :3
And I personally feel that I might focus a little more on the less active members in the area than on finding new people because there's a significant number of people that I've been hearing about that were baptized then quickly went inactive. 

SNOW!!!!! (we're expecting more snow - Elder Lundy loves snow.)
And you're back to having the Bishop as a home teacher huh? ha ha 
Oh, ask him where he served his mission please! and when! and his president! Thanks!
Work sounds like it's more than frustrating... it gets that way here too sometimes... :/
Sunday sounds like it was a pretty good day for you and the ward though!
Tell Bridger hi for me please! I am getting better at speaking and singing the hymns. It's easier here to progress and practice more because people talk with me more due to the fact that they don't know me yet.I think that's all for this week.

I love you a lot!!

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