22 February 2016

Hooray for temple recommends

Hooray for temple recommends and HORRAY for Clara Madeline Perry! (one of Elder Lundy's cousin just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!) And Hooray that Nathan will be alright. Amanda told me about what happened with him, and really it was a miracle. (one of Elder Lundy's cousin's children was injured in an accident at home) I'll be praying for him and for Aunt Marlene and Uncle Dan as well. 
As for what you said about recipes... Salsa!! I need salsa and it doesn't exist in Brazil!! :'( If you can find an easy recipe I'd appreciate it!!

As for my week... it was alright I guess. I had my first legitimate division this week. I went to the area of our zone leaders and one of them took my place. The division went alright. We did a lot of walking and managed to visit one family. I spent a day and a half in the area. During the bus ride back we were sitting in the front and were going to pay at the end when we exited, but a little over half way through the ride the bus driver told me that Furtado and I could exit the front without paying, and here's why. I spent the whole ride standing in the front of the bus chatting with the driver  all the while holding onto a race car shaped stroller that a woman brought onto the bus. I gave up my seat to the woman and her 13 month old son. For a little while during the ride, the woman scooted over and insisted that I sit and hold the stroller in place with my foot. But then an older woman using crutches got on the bus so I gave up my seat once more and spent the rest of the ride standing, then helping the people out. A little bit of service went a long way :3 Then after we'd finally arrived at our casa, the other companionship showed up and said that they missed me during the day and a half I was gone. That was probably the best part of the division right there. what else... oh... Since I've been here lunch has only fallen through once and an Irmã that lives just down the road found out and gave us money for lunch that day.

I love you a lot!!!! 

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