01 February 2016

Transfer week!

Transfer week!
I've been spending some time packing. 
I'm being transferred to 
Jardim Tieté to be companions with 
Elder Webster's trainer Elder Furtado.
Questions/Answers: OK so someone is probably getting transferred this week.
1. The question is WHO and to WHERE?
I'm getting transferred to Jardim Tieté, and Martinez is getting
transferred somewhere nearby I think.

2. Is your area getting additional Elders?
Taubaté First ward will be getting a second set of Elders but Periera
isn't happy about it anymore. He wanted me to stay and open up the
new companionship in the area so that there would be at least one
person in each companionship that knew the area. But instead he's
getting a companion who just finished training and the new companionship
will be a trainer and a newbie.

3. Are you opening up a new area or staying put?
My new area is already established aka I'm not opening a new area.

4. Are you going to have your old companion sign your tie?
Already had him sign it last night

5. Will you be training someone this cycle? 
I'm not training yet. Thankfully. That's not a challenge I'm ready for yet.
Opening an area with an Elder that I'm friends with and can work well
with Absolutely! but Training a newbie... no thank you...

The "no more transfer meetings" was a mission (or Brazil area) rule.
The rule changes had nothing to do with the training session.
I saw a little about a virus on the news at a members home but I didn't
hear that it had gotten that bad!

Oh gosh... okay so I was reading the last little bit of your email and I'm
sorry but I couldn't help but notice the spelling/grammar error of
weather/whether... sorry :P (Good thing my children are better at it than I am. lol)
I love you a lot!!!

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