23 May 2016

Elder Maynes of the 70's presidency

Elder Maynes of the 70's presidency


We had a special conference with Elder Maynes of the 70 presidency! It was pretty cool but weird hearing everything in double. First we heard him then the same phrase in Portuguese.
Tristan sang a solo?? Awesome!
That's pretty interesting about what happened in Gunner's casa.
I hope everything works out well for Shawn.
Hooray on starting the pool deck!! Here's a hint: I don't know if your Elders have the same 4 hours of service rule I've got but you could always ask them!
My birthday also falls on P-DAY!!!
OY VAY!!! is right! Good luck with work
My week wasn't too good but I think this week will be better

Questions/ Answers:

 1. Did your area get any changes, like Sisters being allowed to wear pants to track to  
    protect them from the Zika virus? And/or being allowed to wear large brim hats
    and special sun glasses to protect you from the sun? Or receiving very strong repellent to     protect you?

    I just found out about all these changes today.

2. How are you doing getting the Magda-Santos' neighbors to take lessons?

    Honestly I hadn't thought about their neighbors yet.

3. Are you teaching anyone new?

    We've got a couple new families now and I'm super hopeful about one of them in      

4. Is everyone felling better in your casa?

    We've all pretty much gotten better. Now Capener and I are trying to get the others to      
    exercise and get up earlier.

5. Are you and you companion praying together morning and night?

     Yup yup

6. Any idea who will be transferred?

I think we'll all stay for at least one more. I don't want to pack my bags during my birthday

7. How is the family that you fasted with doing?

We finally saw some of them again today on our way to the LAN-house and they seemed pretty happy.

8. What happened in your week?

I had a down time due to frustration that made a few days stink. I ended up getting over it by using the Adjusting to missionary life handbook (basically just talks about stress) writing in my journal (which I'm not managing to do everyday anymore) and crying for a couple hours about stuff that has nothing to do with the mission.

9. Did you get the permission you wanted to go where you wanted to go on Pday?

No :( They're getting more strict about it again which is a good thing but still stinks at times.


I love you!!! https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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