16 May 2016

Day of the Flu shot

Me, D. Silva, Rodrigues, and M. Pereira
on the day 
of the Flu shot

Day of the flu shot with Webster and Beatty

Me, Middleton, and Kebker (flu shot day yet again)
This sunday

This morning wearing Medeiros' proselyting shirt
(size 1 in men's Brazilian size)

Questions /Answer time:

1. What's new for you? Investigators? Less actives? baptisms?

We're working with a family to reactivate them. We did a fast with the family and I think it went well. I'm also thinking of buying a new picture frame for their family sealing certificate. We've got a family we're teaching that I'm really hopeful for. " I"and her two sons (we still haven't met the father yet cause he's never home when they're available for our visits) "I" really likes the peace our lessons bring, and her boys really like us.

2. What new recipes would you like this time?
I haven't gotten around to trying out any of the first ones yet because we had a division in Penha Tuesday, zone conference Wednesday, and I was sick the rest of the week with Medeiros catching what I had when I finally started getting better.

3. How's it going with your companion? Praying like a family? I hope so.

We've only missed one night praying together so far and that was because Medeiros was feeling really wiped out from the sickness and fell asleep before I realized it. But yeah, Medeiros is still helping me a lot.

4. How is the wardrobe going?

I haven't gotten any new clothes yet because the store we went to ended up being a bust. I tried out some of Elder Capener's an Medeiros' shirts to see how it'd be. I can fit into size 16 (possibly 15) with the only problem being that the neck is too small for me. And Mederos' shirts are too small for me but look really good in a fashion way haha. Remember my small white shirt I'd wear to school? They fit like that.

5. Is it getting an easier being a DL.

It's a little easier. Being DL isn't really hard, it just takes up a lot of time that I used to use to relax and plan better...

Congrats on the new calling Mom! You'll do great!

I love you!!!    https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

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