31 May 2016

Happy 21st Birthday!

Thanks Mom!

Plans for the bday... run around saying goodbye to the people here, then returning to the casa to pack my suitcases to prepare for  the transfer tomorrow.

 I'm going to Braz Cubas in Mogi das Cruzes and Medeiros & Capener will be companions in Itaquera leaving only Elder De Souza here in the area with three new elders arriving tomorrow.

What does the Mission President do on your Birthday?
The President calls and sings happy birthday at times but I don't know if he does that for everyone.
 "Happy birthday... go pack your bags." Is what I heard last night from the zone leaders (minus the happy birthday)

We finally got some new families to teach, but because we passed a transfer without any sort of success the area is closing to see if two new elders can make a difference here.
Mom your new calling seems exhausting :/ Good Luck!

So I stole another baptism from the other elders in the casa haha.
I did Cisaro's baptismal interview and afterwards asked who he wanted to baptize him. He thought for a while then chose me (probably to not have to choose between the two elders who taught him) I baptized him on Saturday!

Before hand we were helping our 2nd councilor of the bishopric move from is apartment to another in a different ward in the stake so I got my workout in before the baptism haha. That's the 5th move I've been a part of since (and including) when we left Wisconsin. It took a while but I was actually able to help out a lot more than all the other moves in the last 3 years because I've got serious muscles now!! YAY!! :D

Anyways, that's what I got for ya. 

I love you!!

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