20 June 2016

Happy Late Father's Day!!!!

It's crazy to think about how the kids are all their own little person already! And in just a little while 3 more will be arriving! ( As I said in an earlier post Elder Lundy's Nieces and Nephews came to visit Nana and Grampa)

I had a feeling Thomas didn't really have much more time in this world, but I know he's definitely in a better happier place and situation. (Elder Lundy's Cousins son died this past week. Thomas was just over a year old and was born with heart trouble.http://charityandpatience.blogspot.com/ )

I'm trying but I know I can do better. (I asked him how he was doing to listen to the Spirit.)
I already had an experience that I regret. We were returning to the casa and on the way we passed a woman hauling a little cart with a gas tank. We passed by and of course it was right at the time that the road went up a hill. Thinking back on that I feel really bad because A) I should've just helped her and B) Who knows? Maybe it would've led to us baptizing her in a couple weeks... now I won't know.

The winter is all good for me. I'm doing fine, but the cold isn't doing to well for Ewerton yet. He got a bit of a cold and stuff that almost wiped him out but he didn't let it get him down. (Of course I didn't push him to work past what he was capable of in the moment) I miss snow though... The cold isn't nearly as fun without snow.

I'm pretty good as far a clothes go. And I am eating :P
So there was a church party this Saturday. Festa Junina. We got a bunch of referrals and contacts and the other elders that share a chapel with us got one specific referral that I kinda wish was ours. He's a young man that reminded me a lot of my friends and I found myself thinking "They better take good care of him" which surprised me a bit. Just 30 minutes earlier I had never seen the guy in my life and then I was already worrying about him.

I also got to attend the baptism of an 8 year old girl from our ward. And when we showed up, her mom rushed up to me and asked if I could give a message about baptism. I was also surprised by that because the members here still barely know me and the Sister couldn't even remember my name but she went directly to me and not just one of the missionaries.

Elder Ewerton and I are getting along well! Maybe a little too well haha. At times we get a little distracted just chatting about stuff.

I love you so much dad. I know at times you seemed sad that you didn't serve a mission (Dad is an adult convert) and that you didn't "set that example" for Chris and I but you really have set a great example for us. I'm constantly thinking about how you always expressed your desire to serve and how you and mom really want to serve together.

Oh btw, EVERYONE says I look just like you when they look through my photo album :3 (The picture of you and mom hugging is the first one in the album)
I love you dad!

That's all I've got for now...

I love you!!

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