06 June 2016

Transfered to a New Area

 Sorry everyone I have been unable to post Elder Lundy's letters. We had company for 2 weeks and I couldn't get to the internet...

 Answers and questions:
1. What was the mode of transportation to your new area? bus train car other?
I took the Metro and the train.
2. How was your trip to your new location? Any adventures?
It was pretty good. My bags got stuck in the metro doors, but that was actually a blessing because it turns out I was on the wrong metro so people inside held the doors open and let me exit.
3. How is your stomach?
Saturday night and Sunday was pretty rough. I think I got a little something from the water here. Something that was helping was covering my mouth with my handkerchief and breathing into it for a while.
4. Who is your new companion?
Elder Ewerton (pronounced Everton) He's 18. I'm his second companion. I'm in Brás Cubas with Elder Ewerton (pronounced Everton)
5. Where is your companion from? He's a brazilian from the north east (like the rest of my brazilian companions so far)
6. What number child in his family is he?
He's the first child and he's got a younger 8 year old brother who he got to baptize before leaving for the mission. 
7. Are you still the senior companion and also a D.L.?
I'm still senior and DL
8. Are you praying morning and night with your companion?
Yup yup
9. Is your area big or little?
It's big because I'm back in the country. It's pretty clean, and kinda hot. I've got a pretty good close up view of the mountains and I have to deal with some hills daily. I can already find my way around the area with our map. Now I just need to learn where all the members live.
10. How many elders are in your new casa?
Just us two, but just a bit down the road is the casa of our zone leaders. We live on the border of our two areas less than two minutes from the church.
11. This having been your first Sunday in your new area...is it a big or small ward?
What is the situation in your daily work? Is it progressing in your new area?
Still can't say because I arrived just in time for stake conference when the stake president was being released after 9 years and Elder Aidukaitis and Elder Gonçalves were here. So needless to say it was pretty packed. But I was feeling like I was going to throw up the whole time so I didn't really get to watch/listen because I kept slipping out to go to the bathroom incase I really did vomit. (It didn't happen thankfully)
The work is actually progressing here. The bishop gave Elder Ewerton and his first companion a list of member names to search out and report back on their situations. Before I got here, they'd only managed to search out 5 of the names in 2 months. We got 38 of the names searched out in 4 days. 

My weight is fine. I'm around 77kilos. We didn't go out for dinner because Medeiros and I were running around in the rain to different members houses to say bye, then we returned to our casa and I stayed up until midnight packing.
Sounds like you had a fun week with all the visits this week! I'm a bit jealous :P

I love you!! 

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