20 June 2016

Week of June 12th 2016

Me and M. Pereira

Elder Ewerton and I
Webster, Beatty, Kebker, and I 
Dictionary, Beauty, Cupcake, and Handsome (Lindo) 
Us by our nicknames (in english)

Q & A:
1. So can you tell me where Elder Ewerton is from now?
He's from Maranhão in the north east of Brazil. I've probably already said this but I think it's kinda interesting that all my brazilian companions have been from the north east

2. What part of the Book of Mormon are you studying now?
I'm actually studying 1st and 2nd Corinthians right now. Also Preach my Gospel and a book that Sister Sautter (a Sister from my previous district) left for me when she returned home. It's "100 Favorite Verse for Missionaries" I'm reading one each day and the little explanation that comes with it.

3. Tell me about the members, did you find a new family to befriend you like the Magda-Santos
I still don't have a good grasp on the how the members are here... For some reason this sunday was pretty empty. The lunches have been slightly awkward to me recently. They're really quiet. There was one that was with a couple families that was more normal, but the others have been a bit strange. I'm thinking the problem really is that winter is arriving. Brazilians seem pretty influenced by the temperature. If it's  cold they're cold, if it's hot they're warmer or crazy

4. Do you have any investigators?
We've got some investigators. J..., and 18 year old that we've been working with. We still need to get him to come to church more. We're also visiting his cousin A.... he brought with him the first time he went to church. And we're teaching an older woman Ar.... and her daughter T..... They haven't been to church yet but they're super excited to learn more and have been marking visits before we could ask to mark the return visit!

5. Do you have any picture of your companion and the area you are in?
Yup! Hopefully I'll be able to send some pictures from here without problems. Let's see

6. What was the highlight of your week?
We had a mission conference! ALL the missionaries from our mission got together for half the day for a visit from Elder Pinto of the seventy. I got to see my friends and stuff! I also had a cool little happening just before leaving. Elders Hirst, Merril, and Ambriz (two americans and one portuguese) made a little trio and were beatboxing and singing and I got to join in to make it a quartet! Once I joined in we "performed" I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. I think it turned out pretty well. Sister Coronetti recorded it with her camera and hopefully she'll send it to me soon! It was a lot of fun and something I've always wanted to do. Kinda funny I had to go to Brazil to be able to do it :P

I can't really think of more, but if I could I'd include it...
I love you!!!

Elder Ewerton and I

Webster, Beatty, Kebker, and I
Dictionary, Beauty, Cupcake, and Handsome (Lindo) Us by our nicknames (in english)

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