27 June 2016

A little fruit

A little fruit is better than none! (Our fruit trees aren't producing this year)
I´ve learned that recently.
Hmm... a blessing... the work didn´t go well this week but we still had two investigators at church for the first time since I arrived here...

So this week I had to go to the federal police to renew my visa. I had to travel to the office by myself at night on Tuesday and I spent the night there. (Ewerton stayed with the Elders in another area in our zone) Then on Wednesday a group of us went to the station. Afterwards we went to a restaurant for lunch. Oh the group was more or less just the guys that showed up with me which was cool to see them all again at the same time. One of their companions (a Brazilian) kept going on an on about how the Elders in my group (all of us) are so good at Portuguese compared to a lot of the other Americans in the mission. That was cool :3 Afterwards I returned by myself and met up with the others in the other area. We had dinner there at a member's house then returned to our area Thursday morning. I felt like we lost a lot of time to work. But even though we lost a lot of time to work we finally had investigators in church!
What have I learned? When I´m tired I don't work well which makes me more tired... it stinks...

Love you!

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