19 September 2016


He's Smiling :)

Those are some major blessings!

One blessing that we've gotten here: we've got a new ward mission leader
(I probably already said that) and he's very serious about the fact that we're here to help the ward in its missionary efforts not the other way around. He requested a progress report from us (which shows the information of all the people we're currently teaching) and we had 6 people on it. After a meeting he did with the ward missionaries and some of the leaders, he has six to ten more people.

He also said that he would send ward missionaries there first to "open the door" for us. He also requested more ward missionary couples. 

1: Any investigators come to church Sunday? Yes,  F... one of our eternal investigators came to church Sunday. (I...((our ward mission leader)) said that he's going to approach her seriously about baptism soon)

2: You won't find investigators until you both are on the same path, so what are you doing to work better with your companion? When I get news of a new possible investigator I'm trying to be excited and run right behind it.
I managed to smile this morning, I'm attaching proof

I love you 

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