05 September 2016

Labor Day in the USA

My goodness... you said lol haha. Elder Gardner looked at me in a state of shock last week and told me his mom said lol in her email.
Yeah, I've known for a while already that the mission is the best choice I've made.

My adventures this week? I got sick for two days because we were too lazy one day to order a new jug of water so I drank water from the tap and my stomach didn't like that... This is the only area where I couldn't drink the water so far.
I also went to the Federal Police office for the last time (?) in my mission! (Brazilian missionaries need to do renewal visa paper work part way thru their mission to be able to stay in the country.)

 I got to do a baptismal interview for another set of Elders and it just so happens that the woman is a relative of a family that I met when I was far away in the Penha zone. It was pretty cool to see them again.
The week was slow because I couldn't leave the house much... and lunch was in our own house for the whole week which was weird. 

We didn't learn, do, achieve, or accomplish much... one thing is that we need to get better about inviting people to church and working to get them there.

The temperature here is getting hotter because spring is coming. The mosquitoes will be getting worse so the Area Presidency is paying for bug spray for us all.

What have I learned about Elder Soares?
He teaches really well, but I'm going to need to be the one that pushes us to get out and work. And that he gets super nervous and agitated when he's hungry (aka fasting)
It does help that Elder Soares and I are from strong families. And it helps that his sister is serving right now too.

I love you a lot!

Oh PS... I'm on later than normal because I used my only day of rest to scale a mountain.

 Elder Soares is in all blue right in the middle.

 Muscles!!!! not really... two of us were holding them by their feet haha

 Elder Santos and I

Gardner joined in

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