26 September 2016

The Week Before General Conference

Questions and Answers:

1. I'm very excited for conference weekend.
    Do you know where you will be listening to it?
I'll be watching in my ward's chapel I think.

2. Will you get to attend the Priesthood session?
I don't know. possibly yes because we live so close.

3. Did I... approach F... about baptism and if so did - what was the answer?
There was a small group of people that approached F... and her husband
and requested that they be serious about their marriage and when they
want to make it eternal (which would require F... getting baptized)  she
seems to be think a bit more seriously about it now, but still refuses to
 stop drinking coffee.

4. How many lessons did you and your companion teach this week?
Where they effective?
We had more than last week. I think some might have been effective.
Elder Soares will probably baptize a less active sister's son if he's still here by
the end of November.

5. Have you seen anything interesting this week?
I don't think so.

6. Tell me one thing that you will make as a goal for your week?
Get G..., T..., and G...'s parents A... and M. to attend at least one session of
 General Conference/

7. Are you staying well? We have had many family members around
 the country and Church members sick this week.
My stomach hasn't been working right for a while now. I've possibly
been eating too many peanut products and my system  doesn't like it.

8. Tell me about last week.
Elder Soares and I were witnesses at a "wedding" We went to sign a
paper after watching the couple sign a paper and now they're married.
I'm glad you got a chance to take a break with the Haworths.
It's always handy to have a local with connections as a home teacher
We've already had to close the gospel principles class some Sundays
because we had no one attending. I am trying to get better.

I love you

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