12 September 2016

Mountain climbing last week

You know... where I went wasn't too different from the states. (His mountain climbing last week) The biggest differences were that there were more vines in the forest and that the mountain is right next to the city... But it was still cool. It was just kinda funny that even though I was in the middle of a fast at the time, I was the least tired out of all of us when we got to the top. I also found out that I'm possibly one of the fastest runners here in our group as well! Pretty cool to think that a little less than a year ago I couldn't really even run and now I can run up a mountain haha.

We're just starting spring here... and I'm already dying again...
That four letter curse word right?? SNOW!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! 
But i won't get any for more than one year :(
We haven't ordered water yet because we still have some but we'll have to order some soon.
Aww :( My alergies are still here but they're not too bad.

1. What fun thing have you learned this week? Nothing really
2. When is your next Zone conference? No idea
3. How are your investigators? They don't want to go to church.

For the zone conference we usualy got some sandwiches, a banana, yogurt, can of pop, and a pão de mel...(Gingerbread)

That's pretty cool about Porter's Eagle Project! Tell him congrats for me!
I'm going to start reading the Book of Mormon again. I had a dream this week where, at the end, a man I don't know looked at me very seriously and said "You need to get more excited about reading the scriptures" 

I got a quick call from Elder Ewerton Saturday morning which cheered me up a little. He's doing well in his new area as a trainer. He's already got some baptisms lined up!

Love you!

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