14 November 2016

More willing to go to the temple here...

I'm doing alright. 
Elder Alves baptized F... last week. This Sunday she didn't go because her youngest boy is sick :(

One thing I noticed about Brazil versus the U.S. is that they're more willing to go to the temple here than there.

Oh and Brazil verses U.S. again: everyone here is appalled that Trump won. They all wanted Clinton. (So you understand a bit more... they all love Obama)

So transfers are this week. I'm going to stay where I am with Elder Alves! :)
He only has two more transfers left in the mission and I might be his companion until the end. Oh and I finally get a bed! But that means the newbie (Elder Freire's new comp) who'll come to our house will be sleeping on the couch possibly (unless Alves decides to give up his bed)

This week brought us a lot of rain which is really annoying. Oh and my last pair of fancy black church shoes were destroyed this week so I've started using the shoes Ron and Bridget got me.

That's pretty much all I got too...

I love you!

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