08 November 2016

Election Day at home

Hi Mom

I asked Elder Lundy a few questions I was curious about.
We will be teaching our next person tomorrow hopefully.

The most asked question is...
 "Why do I have to be baptized again? - I was already baptized in the ... church."

But the thing they're most concerned about would be family I think.
Which is good.

I've learned that F...'s phobia of water is really bad. She almost didn't get baptized because of her phobia. Luckily one brother in the branch is studying psychology and he helped out a lot. He even had to enter the water to support her as she was baptized.

Diana told me she got a house! Yay!

With all of these missionaries leaving President Silcox will be forced to close some areas... ours will probably be closed eventually.

V..., the young man that's been helping us a lot got his calling this week!
He'll got the Fortaleza East mission (home of two of my former companions!)
He's going to the MTC December 14th! Yay!

I don't really have much else for now... 

Anyway, I love you!

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