21 November 2016

The week of Thanksgiving! in the USA

We're going to visit some referrals, past investigators, and less actives this week. We visited one family of less actives a few days ago and they attended church this Sunday! We've got a girl that we're teaching that really wants to learn more but still hasn't gone to church Sunday.

Lately I've been kinda sick. I'm alright. I got caught in the rain (not badly) and it's been getting ridiculously cold randomly. I don't really have much time to rest because we've always got visits that we have to do. Don't think that Elder Alves is forcing me to work instead of rest. It's my choice. And no I'm not eating correctly. I'll buy more food today.

Alves and I have been participating in the choir. He plays the piano and I support the very low numbers of men singing. We do some warm ups that are kinda funny, one being hissing for as long as you can on one breath. I'm almost the winner. There's one brother that can keep up with me. And the other is moving the Adam's apple up and down to change pitch. I'm able to move mine around at will. The members found these two things funny.

We're returning to some people we kind of left on the side because we were focusing on F..., but we have gotten some new referrals. She showed up late at church but she was finally interviewed by the bishopric! Her sister/mom (older sister that raised her and she views as mom) isn't being supportive at all.

The weather here is being dumb too! It's been getting pretty cold at night! And it's hot when you're in the sun but cold while out of it. And it was raining a lot here too. :(
That's pretty awesome about the movie! (Dad and I went to see "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" it was a fun movie)

Oh... a funny development. I'm not the only one in the casa who watched iCarly... 
Spencer's "WOOOO" belly rub has become a common occurrence in our casa haha

Love ya! https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif

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