19 December 2016

A new Nephew a week before Christmas!

(Elder Lundy got a new nephew on Sunday. Ethan William Lundy!)
Seriously... you've got no idea but you provided them with one of the best meals ever made for a zone conference. Almost all of mine have been sandwiches (super basic ones) with a banana, yogurt, a brownie thing, and pop. This week we had a change of pace with our zone conference meal but yours was still way better.
I'm glad you had a lot of fun with the Haworth's!
Okay... so you mentioned that like it was nothing too big but, woah... Rachel got married already? I mean yeah, we're already 21 years old but it's really weird hearing about someone my age getting married!
 1. When is the next transfer? Is that when your companion finishes his mission?
Two days after Christmas. Elder Alves finishes his mission in February. (Elder M. Pereira will be ending his mission today, a week early, because his parents are coming to get him. If you don't remember, he was my second official companion in the field.)
2&3. What kind of Christmas music are you hearing? What would be traditional Christmas decor down there....?
People don't do much for Christmas here. I haven't heard any Christmas music outside of the church hymns, and there are a few people who have put lights out and some people have trees in their homes, but that's pretty much it. Oh and everybody always makes you wear red ties if you're an Elder... It's annoying because I've only got one red tie.
4. How did this week go for you? What was it like?
This week was alright. I had our "Christmas" zone conference and the only thing Christmas-y about it was the decorations on the lunch tables. Then at the end of the week we had a three ward devotional which consisted of lots of hymns, President and Sister Silcox giving talks, then a large dinner. (The next day, pretty much everyone that ate had stomach trouble because of something that went bad that was served) Other than that, we managed to visit some people but they didn't want to make or fulfill commitments.
5. Are you staying well?
More or less... I already had a bit of stomach trouble lately so I'm not sure if the trouble I'm having now is from that devotional dinner or something else. I also need to start exercising again. I've gained a few kilos and I can feel a difference in my belly chub... not happy about that because that means I'm gonna have to work really hard once I return to not gain a lot of weight again.
6. Are your shoes holding out. In other words, do you still have shoes to wear?
I'm down to two pairs. The Doc Martins that Ron and Bridget got me and the black tennis shoes. I use the Doc Martins on Sunday only, and the tennis shoes every other day. The sole is starting to come off the tennis shoes but I'll probably buy some glue soon. 
By the way, I plan on buying more or less a new wardrobe during the transfer before I return. I already have some pants but I need more. I've got enough shirts now too. (more or less... you know I love t-shirts of heroes and stuff and can never have "enough") I'm also thinking about buying a new suit if I can find a good one for a cheap price. But I'll probably wait for that too because what I wanna buy doesn't follow mission standards (light brown slim suit) (I'm not a big fan of brown clothes but I have to admit I looked better in a brown suit I borrowed from an Elder once.)

I love you!

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