12 December 2016

a FHE/birthday party

I miss snow! :(

That's cool that you're doing splits with the Elders - Dad! And I'm sure the elder is grateful for the ride to the mission home. I'll probably end up having to travel all alone.

I'm doing alright. I've actually gained 3 kilos lately (not happy about that because it's a result of me not exercising... aka bad omen about when I go back home) I guess lately when I say I'm not eating too well I mean that I'm not eating very healthy stuff.

This week was kinda slow... we didn't have too many visits because of the issue that you got to know this week (people not being home) and on top of that the weather has been either raining or super hot and the hotter it gets the more difficult of a time I'm having. I start sweating just getting dressed in the morning and if I stay out in the sun too long I feel like I'll get sick :( but oh well, just keep working

There was a fun thing that happened this week. This Saturday was Elder M. Pereira's 20th birthday and a member from our branch invited all six elders from the three wards in our chapel to his apartment for a FHE/birthday party.

We haven't taught anyone new lately, but this week we should be getting some new investigators.

ohhhh I miss that style of a breakfast meal! Especially the biscuits and gravy! (I might be able to make it here... I just don't have time and I'm too lazy) [We had a Ward Christmas Brunch on Saturday and I fixed one of Elder Lundy's favorite breakfasts] And that was mean what you did right there describing the Mexican style meal you're preparing for the zone conference! Mexican food almost doesn't exist here! :,( 

Oh so Brazil had a special conference this Sunday with Jeffery R Holland, Elder Maynes, Elder Claudio R. M. Costa, Elder Joaquim Costa, and I can't remember the Sister's name. It was good. Elder Holland is (slowly) learning portuguese! He said that his grandson is serving in Brazil and guess who his companion is right now... the grandson of Elder Faust! Pretty cool haha :)

Image result for Jeffrey R Holland
Jeffery R. Holland
Image result for elder maynes

Image result for Elder Claudio R. M. Costa
Claudio R. M. Costa,

Image result for Elder Joaquim Costa
Elder Joaquim Costa

Anyways, I love you! https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif

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