06 December 2016

Planning ahead ;)

Okay so the Skype call's not going to have to be at night. All three wards that use our building will get together at 9 am for the sacrament meeting then church will end for the day. We'll probably go to lunch a little after that then we'll have to see from there still but I think it might be in the afternoon... but what time would be better for you?

My head is alright. Yup a hammer to the head. But really it didn't fall that far so it didn't do much. After two days I was completely fine. Others are using the bunk bed and I've got a bed box with two flimsy foam matresses but it's better than the couch. I've been eating more, but seriously... I ate three whole meals yesterday and I was super full by the end of the day. (And my stomach isn't too good today)
That's really great all the support that you're giving Michael. The couple that took care of me in Taubaté when I was sick called me their other son and this really helped me relax a lot.

I'm excited for Tiffany and Chris too! I've been telling everybody I'll have one more nephew soon haha :) Have fun with decorating for Christmas!

All the members are asking about our Christmas plans, but I think we might end up staying in our house. The mission had a Christmas party last year (missed it because I was sick) and this year we'll just have zone conferences :( I don't know why President changed it but NO ONE is happy about it. Victor will enter the MTC on the 14th. He invited us to a FHE at his house on the 12th.

We had more success with visiting people this week. Something cool that happened this week is that we were walking to the farthest part of our area one day and we heard someone yell for us. When I turned around I saw the bishop from the São Mateus ward! 
He recognized us first as missionaries then remembered me from my time in the neighboring ward Jardim Tietê. He bought us water (offered more but I only accepted that) then offered us a ride but we planned on searching for people while working our way to our destination. But it was really cool to see him again and that he remembered me even though I never really was a part of his ward!

Anyway, I love you!

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