20 February 2017

2nd Week in Vila Ema

Hahahaha caramba mãe! That's a great picture. :3 (I sent him a cartoon pic of El Dorado)
Aww poor La-A :( (Elder Lundy's chicken is molting in the middle of winter)

So things are still kinda quite between me and Camikado. He seems reserved like me when I'm uncomfortable and stuff. Bishop Skouson told me before I left that outside of Japan, Brazil has the largest Japanese population in the world. I've actually found a number of Japanese memorial parks and stuff. Camikado personally doesn't have much of a connection to Japan. He was born here, aside from that one part of his name the rest is Brazilian, and I possibly/probably know more Japanese than he does haha.

I think we'll just be on fire in this area if we stay out in the sun. Yeah, the area is alright. We have a new Bishop in the ward and a new ward mission leader. We do have some investigators that are getting closer to being ready for baptism. They'll be the first converts baptized into this ward in over a year.

The interview went great. He didn't give me any assignments or anything, but he did confirm that this area is the richest area in the mission . . .
My health is alright. And no I'm not losing more weight. If anything I'm actually gaining (a little) muscle mass!

the LAN house in this area is pretty good. I forgot to try sending pictures the last time because I'm accustomed to it not working but I'll try this time.
This week all the cooking I did was the rice for one lunch. Camikado usually takes the lead when we have lunch at home. But we were given a simple coconut flavored bunt type cake this week so I bought strawberries and made that topping you make for the angel food cake and it was pretty good. (I asked if the type of food served was different between his last  two areas.)

The members don't really feed us different. The biggest difference has to be the candies and stuff. We've already received gummy bears and Twizzlers here and one Irmã is going to visit the states this week and asked if I missed anything and I asked for beef jerky.
It's super hot here but I've gotten accustomed to the weather here I think. I don't sweat as much (only sweat a lot when I exercise and yes I'm exercising :P)

I love you! 

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