06 February 2017

The weather here is really hot.

My week was kinda slow, people not being home and all. We didn't get too much done this week but I did get to do 2 baptismal interviews and then watch the baptisms the next day!

The weather here this week was really hot.
You mentioned the youth and that reminded me that we had a total of 5 young men attend our branch this Sunday! That was the first time since I arrived!

That sounds like an awesome experience you had at the temple! Really pretty cool about all the temple work and family history that's been going on! And that's really curious that our relative had his work done in Brazil!

I still remember the last time I went to do baptisms for the dead and the Stoltenburg family asked me to be baptized for their men. That was the time that I felt the spirit the strongest in all the times I went.

Oh something I never thought I'd do in the mission: We went house hunting! We've been trying to find a new place to live because of the situation of our current house. But that is no longer my preoccupation because I'm being transferred tomorrow. 

I know only 3 people in my new zone. I don't know my companion. It's kinda weird, but during all the other transfers I always got super nervous but this time it's all good. I'm not really nervous at all. I'm being transferred to Vila Ema with Elder Camikado as my companion I'll be the senior companion and the district leader. 
Oh and I still haven't pulled the journal back out but I might this transfer.

I don't really have much else...

I love you!

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