13 February 2017

Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Irmã M... é tão legal, não é? oops I was thinking as I typed. Good news with that: I thought in Portuguese, bad news is that I wrote in Portuguese ha-ha. Sister M... is really cool, isn't she? Is what I wanted to type. 

So I'm alright. The transfer went by without too much trouble. The metro train lost power and stopped on the tracks but luckily that happened before I got on it. 

My companion is Elder Camikado. He's 19. He, his younger bro, his aunt and uncle and his cousins are members. His parents are divorced and he lived with his mom before the mission. He put college on hold to serve even though his own family (the members of the church) told him not to. He's kinda quiet and I think he's got one of the difficulties I've got which is taking a while to open up to new people. Oh he's a Japanese Brazilian hence the Japanese name.

Okays... my new area is over the top rich. Yes it's clean which made me happy. There are a lot more apartment buildings than my last area. The buildings are also bigger and have more security which makes it harder to enter. There are also gated communities. 

I ate lunch in one called Eldorado this week. That's right, I not only found Eldorado, I ate lunch there! As for the work in the area, we've got one family of investigators, one person almost ready to be baptized, and she'll be the first convert baptism in a year in this ward. 

Oh and the Bishop changed on my first Sunday here so they've got a lot of new going on here. The last bishop will be moving to Rexburg to study at BYUI soon.

I live in a rather large (for missionary standards) house with only my companion, and yes I have my own bed yay! I should eat a bit more. 

I've made some new friends. This zone is full of sisters and honestly I prefer it like that because sisters are more fun than elders ha-ha. One sister, Sister Araujo, was already talking to me like we'd know each other for a while as soon as I arrived, and when she realized I was confused she explained that one of her old companions Sister Dias talked about me a lot and said I was really cool. Aw shucks :3 (Sister Dias was in the Mogi das Cruzes zone with me a while ago)

I'm pretty happy. I think I might take a while to get used to this place, but I think I'll like it. Oh and I get to have an interview with President Silcox Friday! :)
I do feel the Lord's hand in my life and I did remember to try out your challenge a bit this week. It worked out a bit.

I love you mom!!

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