27 March 2017

Random chicken appearance

Amelia Earhart the chicken
Cause she flew the coop :)

So Elder Puga is a 19 year old and has been in the mission for 1 year and 2 months. He's the second oldest of 7. He lives in *****, close to our mission. He's a funny guy. (Helping mom and dad to learn about Elder Lundy's new companion)

As for R..., he asked us to remark his baptismal date to be a little farther away, but honestly I think it'll be alright doing that because it's difficult to find and teach him. But when we have the opportunity to teach he's always open and receptive and accepts our messages. 

Random chicken appearance? (Dad had 5 chicken show up at work.) Awesome :3 We have those every now and then as well. And there mom goes again with her clever names :) (Amelia Earhart cause she flew the coop) I laughed quite a bit at dad's news about the chickens.

There are a bunch of lessons to be learned from chickens!

Oh so this Sunday our ward mission leader's wife gave a talk about food storage and I was just smiling to myself the whole time because I wish I'd printed off those photos you sent of our food storage at home.

Oh!! So when I was in Taubaté I baptized a man named V... and his girlfriend N.... Later I found out that they went inactive, broke up, and that V.... had a new girlfriend. This Sunday one of my past companions Elder Moreira (who was transferred to Taubaté) called me after church to inform me that V... had married and that they were going to baptize his wife in a matter of minutes! so I'm happy to know V... had returned and his new wife was being baptized but sad to not know N's situation.
Anyways, That's what I got for ya

I'm glad you were able to get the blessing of strength you were asking for mom. I had an experience with that early in the mission that I now use as my first message that I pass when I visit members in a new ward.

I'm trying to teach my companion to eat more during lunch. He's always complaining that he's hungry at night haha.

I know all about that sort of thing with investigators not being able to visit on Sunday for some forgotten or unforeseen problem. It's annoying. (Dad went with our missionaries to pick up an investigator and he had forgotten to get permission to come, so he couldn't.)
I thought I was starting to come down with a cold but I'm all good now. 

Anyways, I love you!!

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