06 March 2017

Baptisms after Stake conference!

The baptismS went well! The whole family was there! (the three being baptized and the mother of the two little girls, one of the girls fathers, and their younger brother) I baptized F...(the grandma) and Camikado baptized B... and J... afterwards. 
President and Sister Silcox attended the baptism because they were already there to speak during stake conference. The ward was very supportive of them (the whole family) too. 

I just tried to attach a photo and I literally couldn't. The system in this lan house is set up strange and it tried to make me attach the folder that had ALL of my pictures on my camera. So it seems like photos will have to wait a little more. Sorry.

BTW I have only taken 426 photos during the whole mission... but one of the main reasons for that is that everyone are always taking pictures so they just send theirs to me later.

Haha I'm glad you got to go to that Mennonite bulk store again :3 And more glad that you two took a day for yourselves.
Holy Cow!! That's crazy awesome about Grandma! Sad that it's only happening now that she's self-conscious about mortality. (Grandma started sharing stories about her family about when she was growing up.)

Irmão Adriano (that's so weird to me) was my zone leader in two different zones. He ended his mission in December and decided to visit some of his areas recently and we had the luck to encounter in the Cidade Jardim church building. I did a double take when he entered. As soon as I understood that it was actually him I hugged him and made him take pictures with me. (I was able to get a couple of pictures of Elder Lundy off Facebook)

We recently received a referral so I'm hopeful we'll be able to visit this person soon!

Yeah daylight savings time happened recently. (For the last couple of weeks we had only 2 hours instead of 3 hours difference between us. As of this comimg Sunday - daylight savings time happens we will only have an hour difference in time.)

That's great news about the M's! (the M's finally found a home to buy after their home burned to the ground in January.) And I'm glad the ward wants to help out, now I just hope the ward's goodwill doesn't go overboard haha.

I love you all!!

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