30 May 2017

Happy Birthday Son!

Elder Lundy's the baby of the family :)

Thanks! :) (It's Elder Lundy's 22nd Birthday today!)
I'm getting old :P
My week was pretty good. The baptismal interview went well but it ended up being on Tuesday instead of Friday.

R. wasn't baptized because he still hasn't given up coffee... Our ward mission leader bought us cevada (Mormon coffee) to give to him to see if it helps.
(Cevada - A roasted grain beverage (also grain coffee) is a hot beverage made from one or more cereal grains roasted and commercially processed into crystal or powder form to be reconstituted later in hot water. The product is often marketed as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee and tea.)

Speaking of exercise, I had the goal to be able to do my work out plan within 10 minutes by the end of the transfer, and I already managed in 9! I also managed to do double my workout plan Saturday night (to make up for not doing it the following Sunday) and it took me 33 minutes, including a bit of rest time to not hurt myself.

I enjoyed the temple trip. I got to see a bunch of my friends from another zone. Sadly my stomach didn't let me focus too well while I was in the temple. Stomach problems stink :(

Zone conference went well too. During the lunch break some of the other missionaries had a small birthday surprise for four of us in the zone who'll be having or had a birthday this transfer.

That sounds frustrating about the baptism situation there (at home). Sadly you're both right. The goal is to baptize the investigator as soon as possible, so the third Sunday is ideal, but you're also correct in that if she can't wait one week she's very likely to end up on the less active list quickly. There are a lot of missionaries though that keep pushing because every week you wait is another week that Satan has to work in the mind of that person... it's a difficult and annoying situation for sure...

I got sick this week too. Saturday night going to Sunday and still to this moment. Just a cold though I think. I don't know if it's because of the flu vaccine, or my being stupid and going out back to check on my clothes in the washing machine after doing my exercises... probably the second because that happened right before I got sick.

Anyways, I love you!!


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